15kHz compatible monitors

There are LCD monitors which are compatible with our beloved computers. It is usually said it is a “15kHz compatible RGB monitor” and usually does not come with any indications on user (or even service) manuals. Some common known monitors are:

  • LG M1721A
  • LG M1921A
  • Samsung Syncmaster 510N
  • Samsung Syncmaster 710N
  • Samsung Syncmaster 910N
  • Samsung Syncmaster 910T

Also, there are some monitors that seems to be compatible but AREN’T. The best way to test is using a RGB tester that generates 15kHz RGB signal. An example can be found in http://www.victortrucco.com/Diversos/TicTacBlue/TicTacBlue

How to connect:

Connect R, G, B and ground on VGA connector as usual.

On LG monitors, connect composite video, Csync or Horizontal Sync to pin 13 (HSync) of VGA connector. In the IIGS, you use CSYNC line

On Samsung monitors, you need to use a sync “normalizer” with a LM1881 chip, in the CSYNC lineimage from www.msxpro.com.br

image from www.msxpro.com.br