Apple II new storage media options

The Apple II line has different ways to store information: from cassette to floppy drives and hard disks, there’s a plethora of original media it could use. Nowadays is a little more difficult to get original media or transfer disk images to them.

Here’s the list of new array of options have now being developed for the Apple II line:

Name Compatibility Emulation Availability Price Link
Unisdisk Series II, II+, IIe, //c, //c+, IIgs Floppy, Smartport, HD No $35 Link
SDfloppy II II, II+, IIe, //c, //c+, IIgs Floppy No $82 Link
SD Smart Drive II+, IIe, //c, //c+, IIgs Floppy ?? ??? Link
Floppy Emulator II, II+, IIe, //c, //c+, IIgs Floppy, Smartport, HD Yes $109-$140 Link
RM Drive IDE  II+, IIe, IIgs HD Yes $110 Link
Classic IDE  II+, IIe, IIgs HD No $59 Link
CFFA 3000  IIe, IIgs Floppy, Smartport, HD Limited $180 Link
Wdrive II+, IIe, //c, //c+, IIgs Floppy Yes $69 Link

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