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Convert PC Joysticks to Apple II

Updated -Added new schematics for Gravis Joystick

About a year ago I bought a very cheap CH Mach III PC joystick and found some schematics on the web for convert it to Apple II. Everything went fine, the conversion was successful and moved on, even sold the joystick to a fellow enthusiast.

A couple of months ago I purchased again two PC CH Mach III joysticks, and started the conversion. This time I couldn’t remember the process and of course, lost the original schematic. after several attempts gave up and ask for advice in the Facebook group. Immediately a user helped me and with some trial and error, Finally got it working.

Here is a new schematic specifically focused on the CH Mach III PC joystick. The cable colors correspond to them, and it has been tested.

The original schematic.

After acquiring a CH Clone (no name) took me a while to figure out the connectors. Here is the result:

Advanced Gravis schematic:

Kraft Platinum Schematic:

Kraft KC-3 Schematic:

Apple Paddle Schematic:

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