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Retrobrite 101

51There are many ways to Retrobrite. I avoid submerging because it’s a waste of peroxide, and maybe toxic for the environment, also don’t wrap in plastic as it allows areas to wrinkle and get more concentrated than others, promoting streaks. I basically paint the gel to the plastic.

Remember to remove all logos, metals and elements that are not benefiting from retrobriite. Snow white are easier to clean, platinum and beige require more “babysitting” and less power (20 strength instead of 40).

I base my technique on a recipe found on the original “Retrobright” site, a guy named Tezza.

Here is the recipe, make sure you wear gloves to avoid chemical burns:

– 100 ml of liquid Peroxide 40, found in beauty supply shops
– One teaspoon of Arrowroot powder
– One teaspoon of Oxy Clean powder

Mix thoughtfully the three elements in that order, first the Arrowroot and finish with the Oxy Clean. Once mixed up, “paint it” to the plastic you are fixing under a full sun. The mixture will bubble as it’s reacting to the sun. Make sure you spread it evenly, like painting, leaving no “lines” to avoid “streaking”.

Leave the item for about an hour, depending on weather conditions. Some windy or dry places will need reapplying every hour, make sure you rotate the item so all angles get direct sunlight.

The process is not time based or an exact science, you need to be checking every time, maybe washing to remove the coating and inspect the color. It is not for the lazy, that just want to leave and come back to a pristine piece. Leaving some pieces for a long period could end on streaking, fading logos and variations in color or “patches” with different shades.

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  1. My experience with arrow root, just as with corn starch, is that the peroxide needs to be heated up (45 seconds in microwave) for the mix to properly thicken. Xanthan gum imay be more effective as a thickening agent as it requires less product (1/4 teaspoon for 100ml of peroxide) and thickens cold liquids effectively. This being said xanthan gum easily forms lumps so it is recommended to use an electric blender to mix the product. The oxyclean is then added to the mix right before it is applied to the plastic.

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