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Opening an Apple //c Green Monitor

Here’s a photo guide on opening the //c Green Monitor, for retrobrite or repair. As always with all monitors, you got to be VERY CAREFUL with the CRT, wear rubber gloves when handling or discharge it.


Here is the monitor, ready for disassemble
There are six external Philips screws. remove them all.
first remove the back plate. careful as it has two brackets on the top, so pull from bottom towards you gently.
Remove the “top” slide panel. Some models slide, others just go off. There are 4 screws that hold the power and brightness controls, remove them.
Just leave the controls inside, you can remove the knobs for retrobrite if needed.
carefully slide out the back plastic panel, it can be tricky, so be patient.
there are four screws that hold the CRT to the front panel. Remove them.
In some models, there’s also a metal piece that has to be removed in order to access the screw.
Push the CRT out, be careful as theres a last screw to be removed where the LED light is mounted to the front. Is a little hard to reach, do it carefully.

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